Award ID Name Place Year Commission
2. prize 064_por Residential development Lohn-Bellevue, Port Port 2013 Study
4. prize 066_hun New building secondary school Hunzenschwil 2014 Competition, selective
6. prize 053_all School building Allschwil Allschwil 2012 Competition, open
3. prize 030_lin Residential development Linth-Escher Zürich 2008 Competition, selective
4. prize 018_bzu Cantonal High School Uster Uster 2007 Competition, open
3. prize 011_grt Sports venue Grüntal Wittenbach 2006 Competition, open
8. prize 003_nmb Nouveau Musee Des Beaux-Arts Lausanne 2005 Competition, open
2. prize 032_fbr Residential development with semi-detached and detached houses Feldbrunnen 2008 Competition, selective