About us

phalt was founded in 2006 by Cornelia Mattiello-Schwaller, Frank Schneider and Mike Mattiello on the basis of a long-standing friendship and collaboration dating back to their student time in Zurich. Since then, the office has consistently pursued the goal of creating sophisticated environments and ambiences.

Scope of activity

At phalt we work on tasks in the fields of architecture, urban planning and design. Our multifaceted area of activity includes the design, project and construction phases of new buildings and conversions for residential, educational, administrative and commercial use, as well as culture and leisure.

Skills and competencies

phalt excels in analysis, conception, planning and implementation. We take a holistic approach and are goal and solution oriented.

Mode of operation

phalt creates tailor-made projects in inter-disciplinary collaboration with specialists and in consultation with the client. Design factors will be taken into account in our comprehensive methodology, as well as economic, ecological and social aspects.

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