Residential development Ettenfeld

A housing development with 160 housing units is being constructed at the edge of an industrial site and at the abrupt transitional zone between large-scale industrial buildings and a small-scale residential area. The new development responds to this difference in scale and takes on the role of a mediator within the heterogeneous development structure. The space allocation is spread among four individual structures. Their height is aligned towards the industrial buildings and their point-like shape is in line with the low building height of the residential buildings. The building structures of differing heights are structured and offset, and in this way interlock with their immediate surroundings, which extend into the outside space: Shared plazas, adjacent to the street, open the development up and link it to the built environment. The buildings, constructed as a low-cost concept, meet the Swiss Minergie-P standard requirements. The apartments are arranged in groups of six with a central access core, which means it is possible to make the access route compact and cost-effective. In the low-priced apartments, the inhabitants benefit from conservatories that can be used the whole year round. Integrated into the corner of the building, the protected outside space becomes part of the living and dining area for each residential unit. The outside appearance of the building is characterized by shifts in the window formats. Together with the vertical strips of rendering, these shifts are an overall theme of the façade.