Refurbishment artificial ice rink Margarethen

The artificial ice rink Margarethen is one of the oldest ice sports facilities in Basel. The facility, built in 1934, is in urgent need of refurbishment and the measures aim to make the sports complex more appealing. A characteristic feature is the north façade aligned towards the city of Basel. It forms the spine of the ice surface, embedded in the gentle Margarethenpark topography, and gives the site a striking appearance with its remarkable tall, upright building. On the interior, the high spatial volume has been given a new form of access and the staircase for the visitors, leading directly up to the level of the ice rink, has been set in such a way that it has a sculptural appearance. By removing the existing curling rink, the former separation between the ice rink and the adjacent park has been lifted and the ice surface has been visually incorporated into the bordering park landscape. The precise alignment of a new operating building, as well as the restructuring of the space allocation plan within the existing facility, makes it possible to create appropriate zones and combine the different utilizations. The preconditions for contemporary catering facilities are hence generated and a consistent separation of the different sequences of operations and flow of people is achieved. The building substance, which is worthy of protection, will be clarified in its structure, use and function and the architectural expression will be reinforced. All the alterations, including the choice of materials and colours, are derived from the existing substance and value the original overall appearance of the facility.