The chapel belonging to the Catholic Church Foundation, which is in need of renovation, is to be replaced by a contemporary new building. The task requires that the ecclesiastical building be characterised by a high local architectural quality. In addition, by incorporating the theme of sloping roofs, it should provide inspiration for the further development of the surrounding area. The design draft consists of an autonomous solitary building, which in terms of its shape and alignment breaks with the surrounding development structure, hence emphasising its special utilisation. A three-part sequence of different ground textures divides the outside area into different hierarchical areas. The inviting forecourt made up of stone slabs with differently-sized joints of turf, marks the transition from the hard ground of the parking area to the large lawn at the rear for festivities. The building shape develops out from the core and opens itself up, metaphorically and literally, for the sky and for people. The scale-like outer envelope of slate shingle highlights the monolithic form of the wooden building. On the interior, an attempt is made to achieve a purist ambience through the direct application of plywood boards on raw concrete. The striking openings welcome and guide the visitors as well as the light. Playing on this intensity, the sequence of spaces will lend the building the sacred ambience it deserves.