Child and adolescent psychiatry Baselland

The psychiatric clinic Baselland merges the previously decentralised sectors of child and adolescent psychiatry in a new building located in Liestal. The available plot of land is situated in the midst of a park-like landscape with an sloping topography. In view of the building law specifications and taking into account the scale of the existing buildings, a pentagonal building shape has been created. Its various storeys mediate between the existing clinic buildings and hence become part of the ensemble. The careful incorporation of the volume into the steep northern slope makes the building appear two-storey or four-storey, depending on the perspective, and gives it the character of a building in a park. The pentagon shape emphasizes this appearance and provides the building with structure as well as a strong sense of identity and autonomy. This corresponds with the desire to separate the child and adult psychiatry while at the same time encouraging the interplay between the building and the outside space within the site. Inside the competence centre, high spatial qualities create a contemporary and secure ambience for the ambulant and in-patient treatment. A spacious inner courtyard brings light into the building and provides the children and youths with a place of retreat in the building interior. The rest and recreation areas are aligned as spatial enlargements of the access areas and provide both diverse views of the green park and the desired intimacy.