Residential development Mülenen Nord

To the north of Richterswil the riverbank area arches out into Lake Zurich, providing a spectacular panoramic view of the lake and the Alps. As is appropriate for this special location, a development is to be created on the former industrial site with high quality apartments, based on a design plan and market analysis. The site extends from the Kantonstrasse to the riverbank and railway line, enabling the residential development to slope down towards the lake. The new building ensemble draws on the benefits of the location as well as responding to the problem of traffic noise by creating its own autonomous typology. On the upper level of the site, three point blocks, set further away from the Kantonstrasse, give the building address a special character and form the spine of the new development. Spacious apartment buildings that are oriented to all sides provide a high degree of individuality. The shared ground floor levels of the buildings, which have been constructed in line with the Minergie standards, incorporates the difference in the height of the site and forms the border to an area of lanes, which provides access to the whole development. Commercial utilisations and a range of different views supplement this central space, making it an attractive place of encounter. In the adjacent area of the slope, four terraced housing rows open up like a fan. Following the natural gradient of the site, the rows of houses open up alternately towards the lake and to the south and are firmly anchored on the lower level of the lakeside. The individual residential units, oriented to three sides, each extend across three storeys, with a large terrace area overlooking the lake.