Natural History Museum

Close to the botanical gardens and in the direct vicinity of the heritage-protected church St. Maria, the landmark of the district of Neudorf, a competition for the design of a new building for a natural history museum was held by the Stiftung St. Galler Museen. The design draft of this competition entry responds to the urban relevance of the given context with a detached building as a counterpart to the church. The design of the pentagonal building volume is based on the geometry of the plot of land and responds to the surrounding development with recesses and openings. The perforations that cover the entire façade accentuate the sculptural appearance of the new building. Between the dominant building volumes of the natural history museum and the church, an outside area unfolds, which in terms of design and composition links both facilities to the surrounding environment. Three theme-based gardens characterise the outside area and highlight the different spatial qualities. A net-like pattern of pathways extends throughout the different outside spaces, linking the museum to the church and the botanical garden. This opportunity to stroll through different worlds of experience is also continued in the building interior. The visitors’ route follows the typology of the “Promenade d’Architecture”. The public is guided through the museum by means of a series of spaces set along the façade that extend upwards.