Restaurant “Chuchi am Wasser” (Chuchi by the Lake)

The restaurant  “Chuchi am Wasser” (Chuchi by the Lake) is part of a social-cultural institution “Dynamo”, run by the city of Zurich. Set in a prominent location with the forecourt facing Limmat, it provides a meeting place for the target group of “Dynamo”, as well as the citizens of Zurich in general. A centre of attraction for passing pedestrians, the location reflects the character of the neighbourhood and is young, urban and innovative. In order to respond to the growing number of visitors, the seasonal fluctuations and the technical specifications, a new catering concept has been developed and incorporated into the building. The core of the transformation is a new, long bar with integrated display cabinets. As a free-standing element, it forms an architectural unit together with the newly-designed rear wall made of grooved rubber and stick-on letters, responding flexibly to the diverse range of requirements generated by the operational sequences. The alignment and elongated shape is a response to the limited amount of space and creates a spacious impression overall. The clearly-structured alignment of the various different functional elements optimises the work sequences and makes it possible to shift from the summer self-service utilisation with a salad buffet to a bar with seating in winter.  In order to welcome the seasonal flood of visitors in a customer-friendly manner, crowding in critical zones will be eased by an additional exit and a pass-through hatch.