Housing development Albisstrasse

A striking feature of the district of Wollishofen is its cooperative housing developments and homogeneous green areas. Parallel to the important Albisstrasse transport axis, which crosses through the district, the site borders on the not-for-profit cooperative housing development Röntgenhof. The high noise exposure on the side facing the street contrasts with the green courtyard character of the rear side overlooking the allotments. The design takes both extremes into account by emphasizing the theme of the two different sides. Four building structures, pushed up against one another, form a long, closed, protective front on the street side. Analogue to the rest of the buildings, these structures follow the same topography and the long building line is hence stacked up high. On the courtyard side, the four buildings each appear as autonomous structures and create a maximum amount of façade surface on the quieter side. The jaggedly shaped volume is interlocked with the outside space, hence structuring the private and semi-private green areas. Each of the buildings has its own stairwell and offers a flexible variety of apartments. The alignment of the apartments fulfils the specifications of the noise protection regulations. The living/dining rooms are planned as inserted spaces with an east/west orientation and will penetrate the whole depth of the building. All the apartments have large recessed balconies on the courtyard side. On the outside, the whole building has been rendered with the same pattern, using two discreet colours, structuring its elongated shape.