Residential Development Sandfelsen

The lakeside community of Erlenbach has constructed low-cost housing on a communityowned plot of land. The site in Sandfelsen is located on the threshold between the residential and commercial zone at the edge of the belt of housing. The size of the five trapezoid buildings creates a link between the different scales of the surrounding, loose composition of buildings. The alignment of the buildings in the midst of a park-like green space interweaves the development with the adjacent landscape. With the striking shape of the building and the targeted alignment of the structures, a dynamic residential area is been created with flowing outside spaces and its own identity. The buildings have an inviting entrance area leading to optimally aligned apartments. These open out in three directions while the clever space allocation provides a wide range of different spatial experiences: a spacious sequence of spaces alternates with introverted individual zones. The outside spaces, which are offset to different degrees depending on the storey, extend the space visually and have been incorporated sculpturally into the façade as a continuation of the window parapets. Their typology is based on a perforated façade, which opens up in a south direction creating a characteristic mural-style, spatial grid.