Residential Development Hofstatt

The residential development on the former orchard site gives the heterogeneous town centre of Zuchwil a new, strong profile. In order to maintain the quality of the distinctive green area, the space allocation plan was spread among three buildings, which take the predominant building heights of the surrounding developments as a reference and now enhance the town centre as a striking ensemble. The composition of the succinct building volumes creates a park-like environment with flowing outside spaces and fascinating visual references. A coherent network of paths, complemented by different horticultural themes, leads playfully through the residential development. The prominent location would suggest that a high architectural standard is expected of the buildings. The careful and innovative design of the façade does justice to this aspect. Strips of façade, made up of layers of different widths and with a relief-like quality, surround the whole building and structure the volume horizontally. In the space between, there is an alternation of closed elements, large sections of glazing and sheltered recessed balconies. The apartments have been structured in layers, from the compact core out to the façade. The sanitary rooms are grouped around the staircase on the interior, while the living and dining zones playfully enclose the rooms oriented towards the façade, like a clasp.